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Where Should I Clean My Sensor/Camera?

First and foremost find an area where you are not going to be disturbed (say by the kids or the dog) for the duration of the task, which, start to finish, should only take fifteen minutes. Next, find a relatively dust free environment, something preferably indoors. This is just basic common sense. You are exposing the sensor to the environment while you are cleaning, so the least amount of contaminants in the air is suggested. Blowing currents are also a consideration as they will bring debris into the environment and again contaminate the chamber area. Another environmental consideration is humidity in the air. Vapour can get trapped inside the chamber area, and condense later on the sensor, mirror, or focusing lens. A nice stable flat surface is encouraged, like a kitchen table or a coffee table that has adequate lighting. Remember your sensor is photosensitive so try not to expose it to direct lighting for too long, as this could burn it out and render it useless. Try to refrain from setting your lens on chairs and seats that may transfer dust and fibers back to the chamber area after cleaning.

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