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Camera User Manuals

Here is a general list of camera manufacturers, their digital SLRs, and the corresponding user manuals for each. We have conveniently referenced the page number where directions can be found to clean/expose your cameras sensor.

1D Pg 150 1.3x
1Ds Pg 150 1.0x
1D Mark II Pg 40 1.3x
1D Mark IIn Pg 48 1.3x
1Ds Mark II Pg 40 1.0x
1D Mark III Pg 135 1.3x
5D Pg 42 1.0x
10D Pg 158 1.6x
20D Pg 36 1.6x
20Da Pg 36 1.6x
30D Pg 41 1.6x
D30 Pg 117 1.6x
D60 Pg 115 1.6x
Digital Rebel 300D Pg 34 1.6x
Digital Rebel XT 350D Pg 39 1.6x
Digital Rebel XTi 400D Pg 114 1.6x
S1 Pro Pg 114 1.6x
S20 Pro Pg 107 1.6x
S2 Pro Pg 108 1.6x
S3 Pro Pg 125 1.6x
S5 Pro Pg 204 1.6x
14n Pg 188 1.0x
proSLRc pg 190 1.0x
proSLRn pg 202 1.0x
Konica Minolta
Maxxum 5D Pg 106 1.6x
Maxxum 7D Pg 110 1.6x
M8 Pg 128 1.3x
D1 Pg 112 1.6x
D1H Pg 196 1.6x
D1X Pg 196 1.6x
D2H Pg 280 1.6x
D2Hs Pg 244 1.6x
D2X Pg 252 1.6x
D2Xs Pg 256 1.6x
D40 Pg 105 1.6x
D40x Pg 105 1.6x
D50 Pg 118 1.6x
D70 Pg 196 1.6x
D70s Pg 196 1.6x
D80 Pg 124 1.6x
D100 Pg 186 1.6x
D200 Pg 185 1.6x
E1 Pg 171 1.6x
Evolt 300 Pg 182 1.6x
Evolt 330 Pg 161 1.6x
Evolt 400 Pg 126 1.6x
Evolt 410 Pg 99 1.6x
Evolt 500 Pg 175 1.6x
Evolt 510 Pg 106 1.6x
istD Pg 125 1.6x
istDL Pg 181 1.6x
istDL2 Pg 185 1.6x
istDS Pg 180 1.6x
istDS2 Pg 183 1.6x
K100D Pg 189 1.6x
K110D Pg 185 1.6x
K10D Pg 212 1.6x
SD9 Pg 101 1.6x
SD10 Pg 101 1.6x
SD14 Pg ? 1.6x
α100 Pg 103 1.6x

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